Comel Ironing Systems for Home Use

The Comel ironing systems for home use consist of three units that we can recommend: The Unika, The Pratika and the Comelux C5
The Unika is a lovely compact unit, easy to move around and economical to run. Capacity is limited to 1 litre of water so if you do a lot of ironing you may want to consider something bigger.
The Pratika tabletop is the next level up from the Unika, larger capacity, bigger heating element and more controls (Pressure gauge, water level sight glass etc) Also available as a semi-automatic, floor standing unit which allows you to add water even when on full pressure thus offering continuous work if required.
The Comelux combines the table top Pratika with a folding heated vacuum table making it the perfect unit for achieving a professional finish without the cost of an industrial unit. We have been making NHS scrubs during lock-down so we took a Comelux home and we haven’t stopped praising it!

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