Our Story

Danor Engineering Ltd was founded by Mr Wexper or Mr David (as he was known by his customers and colleagues) in 1952.

Mr David Founder Danor Engineering
Mr David Founder of Danor Engineering

The Photograph above shows Mr David winning the Sunday Mirror ‘Collectors and Collections Award’ in 1981 with his extensive collection of Smoothing Irons.

The Collection was displayed in Selfridges shop window, this was a great accolade for Mr. David and an acknowledgment of his knowledge of the history of the flat iron.

Danor is still renowned for the famous 12lb Goose Iron and the DN1 Boilers which unbelievably are still going strong in many workshops to this day. The Goose Iron is still a treasured possession of many of our customers.

Since Mr David’s retirement in 1987 Danor Engineering in North London has been run by Peter Donker Curtius, Mr David’s son in law.

We are and always have been a family business with traditional values.