Meet the Danor Engineering Team

Meet the Danor Engineering team, our excellent workforce.

Our steam electrical engineers are not only  brilliant problem solvers, which makes for good engineers but they are also reliable and friendly.

Our engineers are modest too, which is why it’s taken us sooo long to get some pictures of them! Perhaps they will say a little about themselves in the next blog…

Danor prides itself on our service record, if you are based in London we can usually come on and repair your steam electrical equipment on the same day, as long as our engineers are not on a lengthy Boiler Inspection, then you may have to give us 24 hours notice.



Coming soon, photos of our Company Director Peter Donker Curtius, Marketing and Administration Manager, Jill Donker Curtius and of course the Company dog, Roxy the Poodle!


Reconditioned Equipment

reconditioned industrial steam irons

Comel Reconditioned equipment MP\F Industrial Steam Pressing Unit with Heated Vacuum Table and Sleeve ArmReally pleased to be able offer a selection of reconditioned equipment:  Stirovap Minor, a Comel Pratika tabletop, a Comel Semi- Automatic Pratika and a Comel MP/F Steam Pressing Unit with Heated Vacuum Table, Sleeve Arm and Iron Master Iron. All serviced and tested by our experienced engineers.

Six months warranty included.

Also available a good assortment of reconditioned hand irons.

Take a look! Call the office


Tailors Anvil, Clapper, Point Presser

Tailors Anvil Clapper Point Presser


Pleased to have this Tailors Anvil, Clapper, Point Presser as a new accessory  on our site. Added to our regular steam pressing equipment and spare parts to make your pressing more efficient.

When steam pressing corners or bulky facings, the Tailors Anvil or Clapper  is a useful tool. The Tailors Anvil, Clapper, Point Presser will solve the problem of steam pressing difficult parts of a garment.

Not only useful but beautiful to look at too and hand made in oak or mahogany.




Steam Irons in the Tailor & Cutter 1967

Mr David, founder of Danor Engineering Ltd made it his life mission not only to sell the best steam irons and equipment but also to collect irons dating back to the 17th Century. He had a private iron museum in his home! This article amuses us now by calling the steam iron below left ‘modern’ ! What would they make of our bright and shiny Ironmaster steam iron or the Tulipana, I wonder?



This boiler will certainly go to Boiler heaven or Hell!

The owner of this sad looking unit needed little persausion to buy a new Comel Twin Boiler Model FB/F from us.